Apptopia trump twitter twitterkantrowitz bigtechnology

Apptopia trump twitter twitterkantrowitz bigtechnology

Former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account permanently suspended in January 2021, but his tweets continue to be a topic of discussion. According to data from Apptopia, a mobile app intelligence firm, Trump’s Twitter engagement has been on the decline since November 2020. Apptopia trump twitter twitterkantrowitz bigtechnology analyzed data from the Twitter app and found that the average daily engagement with Trump’s tweets decreased by 91% from November 2020 to January 2021.

In November, Trump’s tweets received an average of 272,000 likes and retweets per day. By January, that number had dropped to just 24,000. The decline in engagement can attributed to several factors. First, Trump’s suspension from Twitter has undoubtedly had an impact on his ability to reach his audience. Second, the election season and its aftermath were particularly contentious, leading to heightened emotions and engagement on social media.

Finally, the events of January 6, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, likely caused many users to disengage from Trump’s tweets. While Trump’s Twitter account may gone, his influence on the platform is still felt. Journalist Alex Kantrowitz recently wrote in his newsletter “Big Technology” that Trump’s absence has created a void that other accounts are trying to fill. Kantrowitz notes that accounts such as Newsmax and OAN have seen significant growth in their Twitter followings since Trump’s suspension.


In conclusion, Apptopia trump twitter twitterkantrowitz bigtechnology data shows that Trump’s Twitter engagement has declined significantly since November 2020. While his suspension from the platform is a major factor, other events such as the election and the Capitol riot have also played a role. As the platform adjusts to life without Trump, it will be interesting to see how other accounts try to fill the void he left behind.

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