How to Print a Board on Pinterest

How to Print a Board on Pinterest

Pinterest has evolved from being just another social media platform to a powerhouse for inspiration and creativity. With its vast array of boards filled with images covering everything from DIY projects to travel destinations, Pinterest has become an indispensable tool for many. However, despite its digital nature, there are times when you might want to bring your favorite boards into the physical world. Whether it’s for a vision board, a mood board for a project, or simply to have a tangible copy of your favorite pins, printing a board on Pinterest is easier than you might think. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to print a Pinterest board and preserve your digital inspiration in a physical form.

Selecting the Right Board:

Before you begin the printing process, it’s crucial to decide which Pinterest board you want to print. Whether it’s a collection of recipes, fashion ideas, home decor inspiration, or anything else, ensure that the board you select reflects your interests or the purpose behind printing it.

Organize Your Board:

Take some time to organize your board if necessary. You might want to rearrange pins, delete any that are irrelevant or no longer fit the theme, or add new ones that you’ve discovered since creating the board. Organizing your board ensures that the final printed version accurately represents your vision.

Open the Board:

Once you’ve selected and organized your board, open it on the Pinterest website or app. Ensure that you’re logged in to your account so you can access all the features.

Capture a Screenshot:

Printing a Pinterest board doesn’t involve directly printing from the website or app. Instead, you’ll need to capture a screenshot of the board. On your computer, use the “Print Screen” button to capture the entire board or use a screenshot tool to select a specific portion if needed. On mobile devices, the method for taking screenshots varies depending on the device and operating system. Typically, it involves pressing specific buttons simultaneously.

Edit and Crop the Screenshot:

After capturing the screenshot, you may need to edit and crop it to remove any unnecessary elements and focus solely on the board itself. You can use built-in editing tools on your device or third-party image editing software for more advanced editing options.

Save the Image:

Once you’re satisfied with the edited screenshot, save it to your computer or device. Choose a file format that is compatible with your printer and offers high-quality output, such as JPEG or PNG.

Prepare for Printing:

Before sending the image to the printer, ensure that your printer is set up correctly. Check ink levels, paper size, and print quality settings to ensure optimal results. If you’re printing on specialty paper, such as photo paper, adjust the settings accordingly.

Print the Board:

With everything set up, it’s time to print your Pinterest board. Open the saved image file, select the print option, and follow the on-screen instructions to send the image to your printer. Make sure to select the appropriate printer and adjust any print settings as needed.

Review and Refine:

Once the printing process is complete, take a moment to review the printed board. Check for any printing errors, such as smudges or color discrepancies, and make adjustments if necessary. If you’re not satisfied with the initial results, you can always reprint the board until you achieve the desired outcome.

Display and Enjoy:

Now that you have a printed version of your Pinterest board, it’s time to display it proudly. Whether you hang it on a wall, place it on your desk, or incorporate it into a creative project, your printed board serves as a physical representation of your digital inspiration. Take a moment to admire your handiwork and let it continue to inspire you in the days to come.


Printing a board on Pinterest is a simple yet effective way to bring your digital inspiration into the physical world. By following these steps, you can preserve your favorite pins, organize your ideas, and create a tangible representation of your interests and aspirations. So go ahead, select your favorite board, capture a screenshot, and start printing – the possibilities are endless!

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