How to Stop Recording on Youtube TV

How to Stop Recording on Youtube TV

In today’s digital age, streaming services have revolutionized how we consume entertainment content. YouTube TV stands out as one of the leading platforms offering a wide array of channels and features, including the ability to record your favorite shows and movies for later viewing. However, knowing how to stop recordings on YouTube TV might not be immediately apparent to everyone. Whether you’re looking to free up space on your DVR or simply want to refine your recording habits, mastering this aspect of YouTube TV can enhance your streaming experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods and tips to help you stop recordings effortlessly.

Understanding YouTube TV Recording:

Before diving into how to stop recordings on YouTube TV, it’s crucial to understand the basics of recording on the platform. YouTube TV offers unlimited cloud DVR storage, allowing users to save recordings of their favorite programs. These recordings are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any compatible device with an internet connection. When you add a show or movie to your library, YouTube TV automatically records new episodes as they air.

Accessing Your Library:

To manage your recordings and stop ongoing recordings, you’ll need to access your library on YouTube TV. You can do this by launching the YouTube TV app or visiting the website on your computer’s browser. Once logged in, navigate to the Library tab to view your recorded content.

Stopping Ongoing Recordings:

If you’ve initiated a recording and want to stop it before it’s completed, follow these steps:

    • Navigate to your Library.
    • Look for the recording that’s currently in progress.
    • Select the recording to open its details.
    • Locate the option to stop recording and click on it.
    • Confirm your decision when prompted.

Managing Scheduled Recordings:

YouTube TV allows users to schedule recordings for upcoming shows and events. If you’ve scheduled a recording but no longer wish to record it, you can easily remove it from your library:

    • Go to the Library tab.
    • Find the scheduled recording you want to cancel.
    • Open the recording details.
    • Look for the option to cancel recording and click on it.
    • Confirm your decision.

Utilizing Series Management:

One of the convenient features of YouTube TV is its series management capabilities. This feature allows you to customize how YouTube TV handles recordings for specific shows. To modify series settings:

    • Navigate to your Library.
    • Find the series you want to manage.
    • Open the series details.
    • Adjust the recording settings according to your preferences. You can choose to record all episodes, only new episodes, or none at all.

Optimize Your Recording Settings:

To ensure efficient use of your DVR storage and avoid unnecessary recordings, consider optimizing your recording settings:

    • Regularly review your scheduled recordings and remove any unnecessary ones.
    • Utilize the series management feature to customize recording preferences for specific shows.
    • Set recording preferences for sports events, movies, and other programming to avoid cluttering your library with unwanted recordings.
    • Keep an eye on your DVR storage capacity and delete old recordings to free up space for new ones.

Using Voice Commands (if available):

If you’re using a compatible device with voice command capabilities, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you may be able to stop recordings using voice commands. Simply activate the voice assistant and command it to stop the recording for the desired show or movie.

Stay Updated on Platform Changes:

As YouTube TV continues to evolve and introduce new features, staying updated on platform changes can help you make the most of its recording capabilities. Keep an eye on official announcements, release notes, and support resources to stay informed about any updates or enhancements related to recording management.


Mastering how to stop recordings on YouTube TV is essential for optimizing your streaming experience. By understanding the platform’s recording features, accessing your library, and utilizing various management tools, you can efficiently manage your recordings and ensure that your DVR storage is used effectively. Whether you’re canceling ongoing recordings, managing scheduled recordings, or customizing series settings, these tips will help you take full control of your YouTube TV recording experience.

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