Israel Cynet AI-Powered 40M Series N:

Israel Cynet AI-Powered 40M Series N:

In today’s digital age, the threat of cyber attacks looms large over businesses of all sizes. With the increasing sophistication of hackers and the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, organizations need robust security solutions to safeguard their sensitive data and systems. Israel Cynet, a leading cybersecurity company, has recently launched its groundbreaking AI-powered security platform, Cynet 360 Version 4.0 [1]. This platform aims to provide comprehensive protection against cyber threats and revolutionize the way businesses approach cybersecurity.


Enhanced Protection Against Cyber Threats

Cynet 360 Version 4.0 is designed to offer organizations real-time protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks [3]. The platform utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and respond to threats in real-time, ensuring that businesses can stay one step ahead of potential attackers [5]. By leveraging machine learning capabilities, Cynet 360 Version 4.0 continuously learns from new threats and adapts its defense mechanisms accordingly, providing enhanced protection against emerging cyber risks [1].

Expansion in North America

Israel Cynet’s AI-powered platform has recently raised $40 million in a series C funding round to expand its operations in North America [2]. The funding round was led by Greenfield Partners, with participation from existing investors Norwest Venture Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, and Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners [2]. This significant investment will enable Israel Cynet to further develop and enhance its AI-powered security platform, ensuring that businesses in North America can benefit from its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions [2].

Global Availability

Cynet’s AI-powered cybersecurity platform is now available in 40 countries across Europe, America, and the Middle East [3]. This global expansion allows organizations worldwide to leverage the advanced capabilities of Cynet 360 Version 4.0 and protect their critical assets from cyber threats [3]. With the increasing interconnectedness of businesses and the rise in cross-border cyber attacks, having a comprehensive security solution that spans multiple regions is crucial for maintaining a strong defense posture [3].

Comprehensive Security Solution

Israel Cynet’s AI-powered platform offers a comprehensive security solution for businesses of all sizes [4]. By integrating various security modules, such as endpoint protection, network security, and threat intelligence, Cynet 360 Version 4.0 provides organizations with a holistic approach to cybersecurity [1]. This all-in-one platform eliminates the need for multiple security tools and simplifies the management of cybersecurity operations [4]. Moreover, Cynet 360 Version 4.0’s intuitive user interface and centralized dashboard enable organizations to monitor their security posture in real-time and respond swiftly to potential threats [1].


Israel Cynet’s AI-powered 40M Series N platform, Cynet 360 Version 4.0, is set to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape. With its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and comprehensive security modules, this platform provides businesses with enhanced protection against cyber threats. The recent funding round and global expansion highlight the growing demand for Cynet’s cutting-edge solutions. As cyber attacks continue to pose a significant risk to organizations worldwide, investing in AI-powered security platforms like Cynet 360 Version 4.0 is crucial to safeguarding critical assets and maintaining a strong defense against evolving cyber threats.

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