The Finca Victoria Hotel: A Vintage Eco Retreat

Puerto Rico is known for its stunning natural beauty, and eco resorts provide the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in this paradise while also being environmentally conscious. From mountains to sandy beaches, mangrove reserves to tropical rainforests, Puerto Rico’s eco resorts offer a diverse range of environments to explore and enjoy. In this article, we will delve into the world of eco resorts in Puerto Rico, highlighting their sustainable practices and unique offerings.

The Finca Victoria Hotel: A Vintage Eco Retreat

Nestled in Vieques, Puerto Rico, the Finca Victoria Hotel is a hidden gem for eco-conscious travelers . This farmhouse-style bed and breakfast resort offers visitors the chance to stay in an eco-friendly vintage setting while enjoying a surprisingly upbeat atmosphere. The hotel’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, and its focus on water conservation. Guests can relax in comfortable accommodations that blend rustic charm with modern amenities, ensuring a memorable and eco-friendly stay.

Yuquiyú Farm: Glamping in the Rainforest

For those seeking a unique and luxurious eco experience, Yuquiyú Farm is the perfect destination. Located in the foothills of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque rainforest, this rustic retreat offers artisan-crafted treehouses with balconies, designer furnishings, granite kitchenettes, and slate baths. The farm embraces the concept of “glamping,” providing guests with a glamorous camping experience surrounded by nature. Yuquiyú Farm also prioritizes sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly materials and implementing energy-efficient practices. With breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, this eco resort is a true haven for nature lovers.

Hix Island House: Sustainable Serenity

Situated on the picturesque island of Vieques, Hix Island House is a prime example of sustainable architecture and design. Spread across 13 acres, this exceptional property features lofts in four distinct buildings that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. The resort’s unique design allows for natural ventilation and lighting, reducing the need for artificial energy consumption. Hix Island House also employs rainwater harvesting and utilizes solar power to minimize its carbon footprint. With its tranquil atmosphere and commitment to sustainability, this eco resort offers a serene escape for eco-conscious travelers.

Rainforest Inn Boutique Bed and Breakfast: Nature’s Retreat

Perched on the northern edge of the El Yunque National Forest, the Rainforest Inn Boutique Bed and Breakfast offers a luxurious and private eco-friendly experience  Accessible via a gated, mile-long driveway, this rustic yet boutique-style inn provides a touch of luxury amidst one of the most impressive natural sites in the United States. The inn’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of solar power, rainwater harvesting, and organic farming practices. Guests can enjoy the tranquility of nature while indulging in the inn’s comfortable accommodations and personalized service.


Puerto Rico’s eco resorts offer a unique blend of luxury, comfort, and environmental consciousness. From vintage retreats to glamping in the rainforest, these resorts provide a range of options for eco-conscious travelers seeking an immersive experience in Puerto Rico’s natural beauty. The Finca Victoria Hotel, Yuquiyú Farm, Hix Island House, and the Rainforest Inn Boutique Bed and Breakfast are just a few examples of the eco resorts available in Puerto Rico that prioritize sustainability while offering guests a memorable stay. Whether you’re looking for a serene escape or an adventurous getaway, these eco resorts provide the perfect balance between comfort and environmental responsibility.

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