Types of Thermal Pool Covers

A thermal pool cover is a crucial accessory for any pool owner looking to conserve energy and maintain optimal water temperature. These covers are designed to provide insulation and durability, helping to reduce heat loss and evaporation. In this article, we will explore the benefits of thermal pool covers, their different types, and how they can contribute to energy savings and pool maintenance.

Types of Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal pool covers come in various types, each with its own unique features and benefits. One popular option is the ThermGard® Insulated Swimming Pool Cover . These covers are made with a seven-layer, custom-laminated polyethylene fabric, providing excellent insulation and durability. The ThermGard® covers are available in three different models: Standard 1010, Deluxe 1212, and Ultra Insulated. These models offer varying levels of insulation, allowing pool owners to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Another option is the solar blanket, which is designed to harness the power of the sun to heat the pool water. These blankets are made from a special material that traps heat from the sun and transfers it to the water. Solar blankets are particularly effective in warmer climates where sunlight is abundant. They not only help to heat the pool water but also reduce evaporation, saving water and chemicals.

Benefits of Thermal Pool Covers

1. Energy Savings: One of the primary benefits of using a thermal pool cover is energy savings. By reducing heat loss and evaporation, these covers help to minimize the need for heating systems, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings. The insulation provided by thermal covers helps to retain heat within the pool, reducing the amount of energy required to maintain the desired temperature.

2. Water Conservation: Thermal pool covers also contribute to water conservation. By reducing evaporation, these covers help to minimize water loss, ensuring that the pool retains its water level for longer periods. This not only saves water but also reduces the need for chemical adjustments and refilling.

3. Extended Swimming Season: With the use of a thermal pool cover, pool owners can extend their swimming season. The cover helps to retain heat, allowing the water to stay warmer for longer periods. This means that even during cooler months, the pool can still be enjoyed without the need for additional heating systems.

4. Reduced Maintenance: Thermal pool covers also play a role in reducing pool maintenance. By preventing debris from entering the pool, these covers help to keep the water clean and reduce the need for frequent cleaning and skimming. Additionally, by minimizing evaporation, thermal covers help to maintain proper chemical balance, reducing the need for frequent adjustments.

Choosing the Right Thermal Pool Cover

When selecting a thermal pool cover, several factors should be considered. These include the size and shape of the pool, the climate of the region, and personal preferences. It is essential to choose a cover that fits securely over the pool to ensure maximum insulation and heat retention. Additionally, considering the durability and quality of the cover fabric is crucial to ensure long-term performance and resistance to wear and tear.


Thermal pool covers are an excellent investment for any pool owner looking to conserve energy, reduce water loss, and extend their swimming season. With their insulation properties and ability to prevent evaporation, these covers contribute to significant energy savings and reduced maintenance. Whether it is the ThermGard® Insulated Swimming Pool Cover or a solar blanket, choosing the right thermal pool cover can make a substantial difference in energy consumption and overall pool maintenance.


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